How to open bank account in Slovakia

Euro bank notes

Slovak banks require following documents to open bank account: passport, personal ID and residence permit.

Free bank account

Following banks offer services without monthly fee.

Fio – free services include bank account, MasterCard debit card, 2 ATM withdrawals monthly, transfers in Eurozone, internet banking in English.

mBank – free services include bank account, debit card, ATM withdrawals above 70 EUR, transfers in Eurozone, internet banking.

N26 – German online bank offers free services in Slovakia and possibility to open bank account online.

Paid bank account

Following banks offer current account for a monthly fee which can be reduced if client meets criteria as for example

Tatra banka – monthly price for current account is 7 EUR and can be discounted by 50% or 100% for clients who use other services.

SLSP – for 5,90 EUR monthly client gets current account, debit card and ATM withdrawals.

VUB – current bank account from 6 EUR monthly.

Unicredit – for clients with credit payments above 400 EUR current bank account is provided without monthly fee.

CSOB – current bank account from 3 EUR monthly. offers full assistance with relocation and starting your life in Bratislava. You can contact us by email at or by contact form and we will help you.

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